MCDB 92: Research Experience for Freshmen Biology Majors

MCDB 92: Research for Undergraduates - Molecular BioLogy research Experience (RUMBLE) This course is designed to give freshmen biology majors an authentic research experience in a small group environment and taught by MCDB faculty.  A maximum of 20 students will be enrolled in the course which will meet Fridays 2:00-5:00 PM during Spring quarter. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor.  To apply please fill out the form below.  You will be contacted by email when your application is processed by the end of winter quarter or the class is full.

For any questions regarding this course, please contact Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez at

This course is funded by the UCSB-HHMI* Undergraduate Science Education Program

*Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Please briefly describe any prior research experience (high school, university) you have had. If you have none, please leave the field blank.