MCDB 161L: Research Immersion in Molecular Biosciences

Developed as part of the UCSB-HHMI initiative, this is an intensive (6 unit) undergraduate laboratory course covering basic approaches to research in molecular biosciences using model systems. In addition to the laboratory techniques, students learn hypothesis building, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, as well as presentation skills. The 6-week course (Summer Session A) is taught in three modules, each based on current interdisciplinary biomolecular and biomedical research being conducted on the UCSB campus. In each module students conduct mini research projects under the guidance of faculty and postdoctoral scholars. The goal of the course is to prepare students for independent research in biomedical laboratories at UCSB and elsewhere.


Who Should Take This Course?

Motivated students in any major at any level can take this course. Completion of Introductory Biology and at least two upper division courses in any of the following areas are recommended but not required: genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, development or physiology. Enrollment is limited to biological science majors who have earned at B or better in MCDB 1A and MCDB 1B.